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Based in Asheville, NC, Elizabeth Kirwin has been a Web Marketing Specialist since 2003.

Elizabeth Kirwin,CEO, Web Strategist

Elizabeth Kirwin has been a specialist in Web Marketing Since 2003.  She formulated website campaigns in the early years based on keyword objectives for clients. Today, her campaigns generate 30-50% increases in organic traffic within the first 3-6 months, and these websites are ranked high under multiple keyphrases.  She promotes sites nationally and internationally through established methods of press release distribution with her online marketing media partner, Marketwire.  Client websites receive exposure under target keywords, businesses grow, and compete more adeptly in the global marketplace.

Prior to becoming a Web Marketing specialist, Kirwin was a Literature and Language and Humanities professor at University of North Carolina Asheville and Old Dominion University in Virginia.

Her online marketing campaigns are based on original content creation and distribution on respected Web syndication sites.

Kirwin currently resides in Asheville, North Carolina, with a business location in Norfolk, Virginia.

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Beth Jones is a social media marketing specialist.

Elizabeth Jones, Social Media Marketing, Keyword Research, Google Analytics

Elizabeth Jones (Beth) is a social media specialist with expertise in friend seeding, link building, and increasing brand visibility on major social media and bookmarking websites. Her  Internet Marketing career began in 2007.

In addition to running Social Media campaigns, Jones performs keyword research for Organic and Paid SEO campaigns and optimizes textual pieces for posting across Web channels.

Jones is dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals through multi-faceted Web Marketing strategies geared towards individual businesses and organizations needs. Besides marketing, Beth has a passion for ceramics and photography. She lives in Asheville, North Carolina.



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Debrah Morkun is a professional writer who creates original content for web marketing campaigns.

Debrah Morkun, Orginal Content Creation

Debrah Morkun is a writing professor with the Community College of Philadelphia.  She has been part of the Maximum Web Marketing Team since 2013.  Morkun is a highly skilled professional writer who has published and performed her work nationally.  Morkun has written original content for websites in technology, healthcare, salons and hair care products.  Debrah Morkun is based in Philadelphia, PA.





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Lisa Flowers has been creating original content for Maximum Web Marketing clients since 2012.

Lisa Flowers, Original Content Creation

Lisa Flowers is based in Boulder, Colorado. She has been a member of the Maximum Web Marketing team since 2012.  Flowers has published her own work widely, mainly in poetics and literary criticism.  For Maximum Web Marketing, she creates original content for client websites in education, travel, technology and healthcare.