Keyword Rich Blogging

SEO Benefits to Keyword Rich Blogging

Both on-site and off-site blogging are important components to any organic SEO campaign. Maximum Web Marketing prefers that client sites maintain their own on-site blogs for highest keyword density.  Keywords can easily be built into blogs once they are identified.

Blogging differs greatly from article writing.  Since the blog is the property of the website owner, the keyword writer is free to promote products or services, customer service, or tell the story of a company directly.  This can be a great advantage when trying to promote traffic for seasonal specials that will go out of existence in a short time period.

Generally, for well-programmed and maintained blogs, when a new posting is deployed it is picked up by Google search in 24-48 hours. A blog will feature prominently on search under desired keywords for at least up to one month, then lose its original resonance — UNLESS — it is a popular blog read by many. If a blog post  is popular and read often it can perform on search engines over the long term.

For this reason – on site blogging is a valuable tool for any organic search campaign.  For more information on keyw0rd blogging email